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  • Juniors

    First National Rangers St Agnes Football Club has five junior teams, which consist pf a under 10, under 11, under 12, under 13A and under 13B team. Most of our junior members come from the sub-economic areas on the Cape Flats. in Cape Town, which is well known for its gangsterism and drugs. Besides teaching and coaching them the game of soccer, we must sometimes act as the social worker, the parent and guidance teacher to some of the juniors in our club. We do this in order to create the right environment for them to thrive in and to show them another way, away from their normal everyday experiences. For the majority we provide transport to and from training and to matches on match days. In many cases, we provide the children with food in order for them to be nourished and sustained whilst they are in the Club's care. "TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK"

  • Seniors

    First National Rangers St. Agnes Football Club has three senior teams, which consists of the SAFA SAB (Summer) League, the Cape Town Tygerberg Football Association (CTTFA) Premier and Premier Reserve Teams. There teams play in the winter league. The Premier Reserve team is primarily the team who fast tracks youth team players to Premier and SAB teams. Quite a number of youth players are now regular players in the above mentioned teams. "IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST, YOU HAVE TO DO THE THINGS OTHER PEOPLE AREN'T WILLING TO DO" - MICHAEL PHELPS..

  • Veterans

    First National Rangers St Agnes Fc has four Veteran teams which consist of over 35A, Over40A, Over 45A and Over 45B Teams. There teams are for the most part players who have been with the Club for many, many years, who have played in the Club's top teams as well as having played professional football in South Africa. The veterans are extremely competitive and almost every year are among the trophy winners in the CTTFA Leagues. They are also the life blood of the club in terms of having more disposable cash than youth and senior players. Many of them are involved in the Junior and Youth structures of the club where they impart invaluable knowledge to the young players in respect of discipline, playing techniques and life skills."THERE'S NO TRAFFIC ON THE EXTRA MILE" - UNKNOWN

  • Youths

    Are youth teams range from under 14 to under 18 year old players. Most of our youth players have been with the club since juniors and have been progressed through the ranks.Some of them are now regular players in the SAB League, Premier and Premier Reserve Teams. The majority of them come from the townships on the Cape Flats, in Cape Town. It is very important to keep these youth players busy with football because they are at the stage of their lives where they are very impressionable and vulnerable to the lifestyle of gangsterism and easy money as well as drug abuse. To the end we fetch them for soccer practice and transport them back home. We do the same on match days. Some of them have moved onto professional clubs. Our club also assists some players from time to time with school educational and nutritional needs. "TOUGH TIMES DON'T LAST, TOUGH TEAMS DO" - UNKNOWN

  • Truimph

    First National Rangers St Agnes Football Club is an amateur club with a professional attitude towards playing the game.We are fiercely competitive and to that end we believe in preparing very well, playing the game hard but fair, playing to win, treating all opponents with respect regardless of their ability and to do our best on and off the field of play. This ethos runs throughout our club. It is for this reason that throughout our existence we have always been amongst the trophies. "IF WINNING ISN'T EVERYTHING, WHY ARE THEY KEEPING SCORE" - VINCE LOMBARD

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Arreshaat “Shakes” Daniels is a former Santos FC professional footballer. Shakes is a true player’s coach and is by far the most successful FN Rangers St. Agnes FC coach, having won the CTTFA Premier Division Knock-Out Trophy several times, the League and Cup Double in 2014 and 2015.
Due to winning the doubles, our Premier Division team was voted CTTFA team of the year for 2014. 
In the past he has taken FN Rangers St. Agnes FC to the SAFA Champions League and SAFA Toyota Super Leagues. 
In 2015, by virtue of winning the double, he took the CTTFA Premier Team to the SAFA SAB (Castle) League play-offs ,where the club won promotion to compete in the 2016/17 SAFA SAB (Castle) League. 
To date we are still competing in the SAB (Castle) League.

Shaun “Jiks” Oliver is a former South African professional footballer. 
During his playing career, he played for the now defunct Steven Stars FC, Ajax Cape Town and Free State Stars in the Professional Soccer League which is the highest league in South Africa. 
His wealth of experience is invaluable to the team, especially to the young players breaking into the top team in the Club.

Shadika “Dicky” Benjamin is the Head of the Junior section of FN Rangers St. Agnes FC. 
Dicky is a former NFL professional footballer, who has played for Cape Town City FC in the old National Football League (NFL) under the late Frank Lord and for Hellenic under the late Budgie Byrne and Ian Towers. 
Dicky, together with all the junior coaches under him, are responsible for teaching and honing the football skills of our junior teams and to teach them “the FN Rangers” way of playing football, which is a winning, yet entertaining brand of football. 
Some of our juniors, who have come through the ranks, are now members of the SAB (Castle) League and CTTFA Premier Division Teams. 
“Hard work beats talent, when talent does not work hard” – Tom Notke